Welcome to WildTemplate

Hello! We’re starting our blog with some information about us and some thoughts about future of this project and our goals. We hope our project will help you in your business or any other needs, connected with creating web sites on WordPress.

Our team like WordPress and know it deeply and we were dreaming about project like this for so long, that now we don’t even believe that it’s working, but be sure IT IS! Here you may buy nice, clean WordPress templates with absolutely unique designs and really simple content managing idea. Our templates are much easier to install and edit than huge and not comfortable templates on other sites.

All we wanted with this project is to provide templates that will help people to promote their business in Internet with the most simple and popular CMS – WordPress and We think that We’ve made it!

There is also one special thing at our website – pricing.

  • You may buy template just for 1 year – you are receiving fresh updates and use our support for 1 year only
  • Forever purchase will allow you to receive updates as long as we’ll live and you’ll have higher priority in support issues.

Hope you’ll like our templates and support services and We will work on more templates and better quality every day.

Feel free to ask us any questions you need. We need your responses to become better!

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